Agnice International can help your business specify the appropriate Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solution for any application or building. Our team of experienced consultants has helped manage large HVAC installations across the Middle East and Africa giving them a wealth of experience to be applied to your own construction projects.

In fact, Agnice International offer a complete turnkey service for HVAC installations covering solutions such as:

  • Air cooled chillers for general environmental cooling or specific industrial applications.
  • Air Handling Units and Fan Coils offer economical environmental temperature management for homes, offices and industrial units.
  • Direct Expansion Systems for efficient and scalable cooling solutions.
  • Cooling Towers and pumps for industrial grade conditioning.
  • Ducting and piping works to ensure that HVAC systems work consistently and coherently.
  • Building Management Systems to provide a centralised console by which all HVAC and environmental control solutions can be managed.
  • Smoke & Heat Ventilation Systems as part of an industrial process or to manage emergencies.

In addition to sourcing, installing and customising HVAC systems, Agnice International also offer complete management and maintenance services to ensure that your business continues to recognise the maximum benefits.