Agnice International provide a complete pre-construction service to help ensure your projects get off to the right start. Furthermore project planning services from Agnice International provide a firm basis for the entire lifecycle of your construction project before work even begins.

Among the pre-construction services on offer are:

Cost Consulting

Agnice International can help you define your construction budget, calculate costs for tenders and ensure you are correctly estimating prices and expenditure for any proposed budget. Armed with this information your business is then empowered to plan the actual construction phases of your project in greater detail and with increased confidence.

Schedule Development

Using our extensive experience in construction project management, Agnice International can help you accurately calculate project timescales. Whether your business needs this as part of a PQQ tender, to secure additional funding or to simply define your own construction timeline, schedule development services from Agnice International can help you achieve all this and more.

Scope Development

The pre-construction consultants at Agnice International can help your own management team clearly define the scope of any project component. With a clearly defined scope, your business can accurately gauge project progress, or manage the productivity of sub-contractors and third parties.

Constructability Analysis

Before beginning any construction project, your business needs to carefully consider whether the final product can actually be built. Using our extensive construction industry experience and advanced computer modeling techniques, Agnice International can help you decide whether or not to proceed with your construction project.