Whether seeking a fire protection system to cover an entire Automotive plant, or to simply upgrade the systems in place in a particular sector, we have the skills and experience to help.

We have worked with industrial plants across the Middle East and India to create custom fire protection systems designed to comply with health and safety legislation and defend employees, assets and the general public from fire-related harm.

Major fire protection solutions for automotive plants

In delivering a high-caliber turnkey fire protection system, we assume responsibility for every aspect of the project, from initial requirements capture and design, to installation to ongoing maintenance and support. Systems deployed to the Automotive industry include:

  • FDA systems
  • Hydrant systems for site-wide fire extinguishing
  • Sprinkler systems provide water-based fire suppression across the entire plant
  • Inert gas systems for use in electrical environments such as server rooms, control rooms and switch gear rooms
  • Internal hydrants allowing for access to water in an emergency
  • Portable extinguishers for fighting smaller fires by trained staff
  • Gas detection systems ensuring advance warning of potential fire risks
  • Site-wide alarms systems provide early warning of problems to site staff
  • CCTV monitoring systems allow monitoring of unstaffed sites and sectors and early identification of fires

We are committed to provide turnkey fire protection solutions designed to enhance site safety and meet the requirements of local legislation.

This ongoing pursuit of quality is evidenced by the award of the ISO 9001 certification and a long list of satisfied customers across the Middle East and India.