Airports, rail networks and ports all require fire protection systems, particularly in areas frequented by the public. We are experts in designing and deploying systems designed to protect people and property from harm in the event of a fire, and which meet the local regulations regarding health and safety.

Major fire protection solutions for Infrastructure sites

In delivering high-grade turnkey fire protection systems, we assume responsibility for every aspect of the project, from capturing requirements and checking legislative conditions, to system design and installation to ongoing maintenance and support. Systems deployed include:

  • Sprinkler systems to protect persons and property inside buildings
  • Hydrant systems to provide a steady supply of water for fire fighting
  • Inert gas systems suppress fires in water-sensitive environments such as control rooms, server rooms and switch gear rooms
  • Internal hydrants for fighting fires inside large building
  • Portable extinguishers for tackling minor fires manually
  • Gas detection systems provide advance warnings of potential fire hazards
  • Fire alarm systems to advise people of fire risks and to allow for evacuation plans to be enacted.
  • CCTV systems for monitoring properties and sites for security and fire protection purposes.

We have worked on public and private infrastructure projects for companies operating across the Middle East and Asia, creating high quality fire protection solutions designed to meet specific site needs and local legal requirements