Nuclear plant

Drawing on 15 years fire protection industry experience, we offer turnkey fire protection systems for nuclear power plants, tailored to the specific needs of the site and in full accordance with national and international legislation.

From control room, to reactor building to general site safety, we will provide a comprehensive protection system to protect all aspects of the nuclear plant and site.

Major fire protection solutions for nuclear plants

We create and install integrated fire protection systems designed to safeguard the mixed operating environments across a nuclear plant, offering comprehensive fire risk mitigation. Systems commonly deployed include:

  • Hydrant systems offering full-plant protection.
  • Inert gas systems for protection of critical operating environments such as control room, server room and switch gear rooms using Inergen or Sapphire suppressants.
  • CO2 extinguishing systems offer protection for steam turbine enclosures.
  • HVWS protection (emulsifier systems) to prevent the spread of fire from transformers.
  • MVWS protection for cable gallery and conveyors.
  • Portable extinguishers for tackling smaller fires manually across the plant.
  • Fire alarm systems for instant notification of an emergency across the entire plant site.

We offer a full implementation lifecycle service from procurement to installation to maintenance and support, ensuring nuclear plants are fully protected against the spread of fire in line with legislative and best practice requirements.