Oil & Gas

With extensive experience of providing turnkey fire protection systems to the oil and gas industry, we are well placed to assist with new deployments, or to retrofit solutions as required.

We offer high quality services designed to fully comply with relevant health and safety legislation to protect employees, company assets and the general public.

Major fire protection solutions for oil and gas plants

In delivering a high-caliber turnkey fire protection system, we assume responsibility for every aspect of the project, from initial requirement capture and design, to installation to ongoing maintenance and support. Systems deployed include:

  • Hydrant systems designed to provide comprehensive fire protection for the entire plant.
  • Foam systems for suppressing fires in fixed roof and floating roof tanks
  • Water spray systems for protection of oil tanks, crude oil heaters, LPG bullets, LPG Pump Houses, Transformers, Tower Monitors and jetties.
  • Inert gas systems (using Inergen) to provide near-instantaneous extinguishing of control room and server room fires.
  • FDA for the entire plant and site
  • CO2 systems in both high (HP) and low pressure (LP) variants according to site specifics, including protection of gas turbines.
  • DCP skid for use on offshore platforms.
  • Gas detection systems for early hazard warnings and risk mitigation.
  • Foam Spray systems to protect process pumps.
  • Portable fire extinguishers for fighting smaller fires manually
  • Fire detection systems and alarms provide onsite staff with early warnings of potential fire hazards.

Our expertise in specifying, deploying and maintaining fire protection systems within the Oil and Gas industry is well documented, with a long list of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers.