Steel plant

We provide customised fire protection systems for all aspects of steel plant sites including prevention, suppression and alarms. All solutions installed and maintained by us are designed to be compliant with legislation and offer an additional layer of protection for employees and properties against fire damage.

Major fire protection solutions for steel plants

From requirements capture to installation to the provision of ongoing maintenance, we offer a full fire protection service to steel plants.

A specialist team of consultants and engineers assesses protection requirements to ensure each plant receives the correct equipment required for optimum safety. Solutions supplied to steel plants include:

  • Hydrant systems for full plant and site protection
  • MVWS for defence of cable gallery, storage tanks and pump houses.
  • Inert gas systems using Inergen or Sapphire to suppress fires in control rooms, server rooms and switch gear rooms.
  • High Pressure (HP) and Low Pressure (LP) CO2 systems offering protection of hydraulic rooms and oil cellars.
  • FDA for full site coverage.
  • Portable extinguishers for smaller fires and manual intervention

We have worked with a number of steel plants across the Middle East and Asia to deliver outstanding fire protection systems to protect assets and prevent major disasters. All projects and solutions supplied by Agnice adhere to local regulatory and legislative requirements, backed by a commitment to outstanding quality as demonstrated by an ISO9001 certification.