Fire protection & Alarm

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

We offer full turnkey solutions for fire protection and alarms systems, offering your business maximum defence against damage to property and persons.

From system specification to installation to ongoing maintenance, we can help your business remain legally compliant and remove the overheads associated with managing your fire protection system.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Options

Depending on your specific site needs and industry regulations, we can create and maintain an alarm system tailored to fit. System options include:

  • Smoke detectors allow for early warning and containment before a fire can spread. Solutions include the use of photo electric, ionization, beam and VESDA detection systems.
  • Heat detectors provide automatic advance warning of potential fire hazards without endangering staff. Available solutions include the use of fixed temperature, rate of rising temperature, probe and linear heat detection systems.
  • Flame detection systems utilise UV or IR to automatically detect fire
  • Gas detection systems automatically identify the presence of toxic fumes and chemicals including Hydrogen and Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Centralised control and reporting panels allows for efficient incident management and co-ordination of evacuation and fire-fighting efforts.
  • Full design and deployment service means that the specific needs of your company and site are considered and covered during system installation.
  • Ongoing maintenance service to keep detectors and reporting panels operating correctly and according to legal specifications.

Our qualified engineers and consultants are trained to the highest standards allowing us to offer a top quality all-round service to our 300+ customers.

We are also ISO 9001 certified demonstrating their ongoing equipment to quality throughout every aspect of their business.