Gas based fire suppression

In environments where water-based extinguishing systems are inappropriate, we can specify and install gas-based fire suppression alternatives. In buildings or rooms which contain electrical equipment or other sensitive assets, gas suppression starves fire of oxygen, preventing spread and minimising damage.

Gas Based Fire Suppressions System Options

We provide a full turnkey service, covering every aspect of a gas-based fire suppression system deployment. Solutions offered by Agnice include:

  • Inergen Systems which flood enclosed spaces with “clean agent” gases (N2 and Ar) to reduce oxygen levels, starving fires in the process. Inergen systems are an ideal choice for use in server rooms, preventing damage to electrical equipment and simultaneously retaining a breathable atmosphere.
  • IG100 systems extinguish fire by reducing oxygen levels using a non-conductive gas, again without damaging valuable electrical assets.
  • HPCO2 systems are used in unmanned areas such as oil cellars, hydraulic rooms and paint shops.
  • LPCO2 systems completely flood protected areas with liquefied CO2 to suffocate flames. Again, LPCO2 is best used in unmanned areas.
  • Sapphire Systems use Novec 1230 fire protection fluid to quickly suppress fires without affecting electrical equipment. Sapphire Systems also have no wider environmental impact.
  • FM200 systems use HFC227 fire protection fluid to suppress fires in areas containing sensitive equipment. HFC227 also has no negative environmental impact.
  • DCP Skid systems are designed to suppress fires in areas containing bulk chemical agents and liquefied gases.


  • Full system design service. Agnice will carry out a full site audit and identify the correct systems required to protect each sector of your site.
  • Full installation service. Whether replacing an existing system, carry out a new install in a new building or retrofitting, Agnice can take responsibility for the full installation and deployment.
  • Support and maintenance service. Agnice offer a full after-care service to ensure that your fire protection system continues to function correctly into the future.

We are ISO 9001 certified ensuring a commitment to quality across every aspect of your gas based fire suppression installation project. With over 300 satisfied customers across the Middle East and Asia, we have the experience and knowledge to make your project a complete success.