Water based Fire fighting

Water based firefighting solutions are a key weapon against fires. They are both cost effective to operate and effective in extinguishing flames. We have proven experience in designing, installing and maintaining water-based firefighting solutions for clients across the Middle East and Asia.

Water Based Fire Fighting Solutions

We offer a full turnkey service, from sourcing suitable equipment, to onsite installation to the provision of ongoing support and maintenance. We can provide:

  • Fire hydrant systems providing a semi-automatic system of water distribution across an industrial of commercial premises for firefighting.
  • Sprinkler systems for automated localised fire extinguishing and spread prevention inside buildings and properties.
  • High velocity spray systems can be used to automate fire suppression in specialised situations, particularly surrounding electrical transformers, boilers, burner fronts and lube oil tanks.
  • Medium velocity spray systems are used to provide automatic flooding of sensitive areas such as coal conveyor systems, cable galleries and LPG bullets for rapid fire extinguishing.
  • Foam systems provide fire suppression capabilities for use in oil fire applications, preventing oxygen from reaching the flame and suffocating the fire.
  • Deluge systems offer an alternative to traditional sprinkler systems where fire needs to be contained quickly to prevent rapid spread.
  • Water mist systems are an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system designed to minimise water damage to people and property

We can implement any combination of water based firefighting solutions to protect the different sectors of your property. We ensure that potential fires are extinguished quickly and efficiently, whilst minimising the damage to your site.

We pride ourselves on the quality of their turnkey solutions as evidenced by our ISO 9001 certification. This commitment to quality has helped over 300 satisfied customers based in the Middle East and Asia obtain the fire protection systems required to safeguard their business assets and comply with local regulations and legal guidelines.