Agnice International offers a complete range of supporting services to ensure that your company projects are completed on time and on budget. Our project management team and consultants can provide the additional knowledge and expertise your team needs without employing additional staff.

Fire Risk Evaluation

Our team can accurately analyse your project to identify potential fire risks and ways in which those risks can be mitigated. Agnice International consultants will also ensure that any developments adhere to applicable guidelines and laws for your protection.


Whether you need assistance with planning a project, or a complete management team to oversee and deliver a solution, Agnice International has the skills and expertise to do either. Solutions include Fire protection, electro mechanical, construction and interior design.

System Design

Agnice International can design custom systems for any industrial or civil application according to your unique requirements and in adherence to national and international legislation and best practice guidelines.

Hydraulic Calculation

When designing a fire protection system that offers effective incident management, water flow is essential. Agnice International can ensure your proposed solution has the correct supply using advance hydraulic calculation services as part of the design process.

Quantity Surveying

Complete cost planning, risk management and contract administration services from Agnice International ensure your project proceeds according to plan and budget.