With a suitable system design in place, we have the skills and experience to install the disparate parts of your fire protection system to create a coherent and comprehensive whole.

By uniting fire suppression systems with monitoring and alarms, our International team can help ensure your plant and people are comprehensively protected against fire-related damage or injury.

Fire protection engineering services

When choosing engineers from Agnice to carry out a fire protection installation you can expect:

  • Fully qualified design professionals. Offering a full design service for comprehensive on-site fire protection.
  • CAD design and drafting. Creates an accurate model for use by engineers, architects and project managers.
  • Gas flow calculations allow for extremely accurate design of inert gas and CO2 suppression systems.
  • Hardware installation. Installation and deployment of all the hardware and software associated with your bespoke fire protection and suppression system.
  • Testing and commissioning. Full testing of systems prior to handover and sign-off.
  • Training of key stakeholders to ensure staff are fully briefed in operating the system and acting in an emergency.
  • Ongoing maintenance services ensure your fire protection system is fully operational and compliant with legal requirements.

The Agnice International team expertise covers all manner of fire suppressant and extinguishers, including foam, water and inert gas. The systems will be interlinked to protect each sector of your site using the appropriate technology to minimise damage to property and equipment whilst ensuring fires are extinguished quickly and efficiently.

We also have experience of carrying out fire protection engineering projects in a variety of different environments. From process industries, to nuclear power plants to offshore oil rigs, our team can complete any engineering project required.