Fire risk evaluation

Drawing upon 15 years’ experience analysing fire protection requirements and 300 successful implementation projects, we have the skills required to accurately identify potential fire hazards and recommend potential improvements and solutions.

Our team of qualified consultants offer a full risk evaluation service designed to help your business protect both people and property from fire.

Fire Risk Evaluation Service Benefits

By choosing us to complete a fire risk evaluation, your business will benefit in many ways including:

  • Identification of existing risks allowing for remedial action to mitigate risks for added protection of staff, assets and the general public
  • Action plan creation. Generating a roadmap for future safety improvements and forming the blueprint for future developments and solution design.
  • Legislation compliance. The Agnice International team will evaluate your existing fire protection systems and procedures against legal requirements, forming the basis for future improvements.
  • Identify potential improvements. Agnice International will recommend system improvements which will enhance the levels of fire protection and provide cost saving opportunities.
  • Plan for future development. Even before construction has started, Agnice International can provide assistance and advice for creating fire protection systems to be included as part of the construction process, reducing the costs of retrofitting a fire prevention apparatus.

Armed with an up-to-date fire risk evaluation report, businesses can make plans for implementing future improvements designed to add additional layers of protection. The resulting report can also be used to prove regulatory compliance to government inspectors.

We have worked with businesses across a variety of industrial sectors and have a satisfied customer base spread across the Middle East and Asia.