Major Projects executed-Infrastructure

projects we have completed include:

  • A complete Fire Prevention and Detection solution for Salalah International Airport MC5
  • Deployment of Fire Fighting Equipment and an INERT Gas System at Muscat International Airport Mc3
  • Fire Fighting (FF) and Fire Alarm (FA) system deployment at the Duqm slop and sludge facilities operated by Unique Tile services LLC
  • Provision of a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection system for Commercial Development Plot No. 9 at Al Khuwair owned by Oman Shapoorji Construction Co
  • A Fire Fighting System (FFS) for a medical store warehouse at Squh
  • CCTV System and camera supply, install, testing and commission services for Suhail Bahwan Automobiles
  • A Sapphire System for the air traffic control tower at Bangalore International Airport
  • A foam based Fire Protection System (FPS) or protection of a Brigade helipad
  • BMRCLH, A for ETA
  • A new spray system for the GMH Hospitality area of GMR/IGI Airport
  • FDS, FDA and PAVA system installation for ESIC in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Haryana sites
  • A Fire Protection System (FPS) installation in the Chennai Research Park
  • A full Fire Alarm System (FAS) for the ITC Chola Hotel in Chennai

We draw upon a number of technologies to create the perfect fire protection system for infrastructure businesses and sites. You can find more about these systems on the Solutions page here.