Major solutions-Infrastructure

Every superior turnkey fire protection solution delivered by us follows careful analysis of the specific site and customer requirements. Because of the diverse operating environments within the infrastructure industry, Agnice may combine a number of different technologies and solutions to create a comprehensive fire protection and management system designed to protect your entire site.

Major solutions used to create turnkey fire protection systems

The technologies used to create comprehensive fire protection solutions include:

  • Sprinkler systems to protect persons and property inside buildings
  • Hydrant systems to provide a steady supply of water across your entire site for fire fighting
  • Internal hydrants for fighting fires inside large buildings
  • Inert gas systems use Sapphire or Inergan to suppress fires in water-sensitive environments such as control rooms, server rooms and switch gear rooms
  • Gas detection systems provide advance warnings of potential fire hazards
  • Portable extinguishers for tackling and containing minor fires manually
  • Fire alarm systems to advise people of fire risks and to allow for evacuation plans to be enacted
  • CCTV systems for monitoring unmanned properties and sites for security and fire protection purposes.

These solutions can be combined to create an integrated fire protection solution tailored to the specific needs of your infrastructure site. Each solution implemented by Agnice International comes with the full backing of our commitment to ongoing quality over the lifespan of your project and beyond as evidenced by our ISO9001 certification.

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