Major solutions-Minerals & Metals

When delivering a superior turnkey fire protection solution, we carefully analyse the specific site conditions and customer requirements prior to making any technology recommendations. Because of the many different operating environments within the mineral and metal industries, we may use a number of different technologies and solutions in combination to create a comprehensive fire protection and management system designed to protect your entire site and personnel.

Major solutions used to create turnkey fire protection systems

The technologies used to create comprehensive fire protection solutions for our customers include:

  • Hydrant systems to provide pumped water for fire fighting across your entre site.
  • HP and LP CO2 systems for flame suppression in hydraulic rooms and oil cellars.
  • MVWS systems to prevent the spread of fire in cable galleries, oil storage tanks and fuel oil pump houses.
  • Inert gas systems use Inergen, Sapphire or similar to extinguish fires in electrically sensitive environments such as control rooms and computer data centers
  • Portable fire extinguishers for mobile fire fighting and minor fire containment.
  • FDA systems to cover the entire plant and property.

These solutions can be combined to create an integrated fire protection solution tailored to the specific needs of your business. Each solution implemented by us comes with the full backing of our commitment to ongoing quality over the lifespan of your project and beyond.

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