Major solutions

Among the technologies employed by Agnice for the benefit of their customers in the power industry are:

  • Hydrant systems providing pumped water to all areas of the power plant.
  • HVWS protection prevents the spread of fire from transformers, lube oil units and boiler burners.
  • MVWS protection offers comprehensive fire protection to conveyors, cable gallery and storage tanks.
  • Inert gas systems use Inergen, Sapphire or other gas suppressants to extinguish control room, switch gear room and server room fires.
  • CO2 extinguishing systems in both high and low pressure variants as appropriate offer protection for gas or steam turbine enclosures.
  • Foam systems form an air proof barrier, preventing the spread of fire from fuel oil tanks.
  • Sprinkler systems for emergency DG equipment and diesel-powered fire pumps.
  • Passive fire protection protects cables and cable coatings, adding resilience to internal systems
  • Gas detection systems identify potential leaks and problems before a fire can start.
  • FDA for manual call plants, extending to the entire power plant.
  • Portable extinguishers offer portable fire fighting protection for the site.
  • Fire Alarm Systems and control panels to cover the entire plant advising employees of fire-related emergencies and allowing for management of emergencies.