Major solutions-Process industries

Among the technologies employed by Agnice for the benefit of their customers in the process industry are:

  • Sprinkler systems to protect persons and property inside buildings
  • Hydrant systems to provide a steady supply of water for fire fighting across the entire plant
  • Inert gas systems (Sapphire, Inergen etc) are used to suppress fires in electrical environments such as control rooms, server rooms and switch gear rooms
  • Internal hydrants for fighting fires inside large building
  • Portable extinguishers for tackling minor fires across an entire site manually
  • Gas detection systems provide advance warnings of potential fire hazards
  • Foam systems provide flame extinguishing properties for storage tanks
  • Fire alarm systems to advise people of fire risks and to allow for evacuation plans to be enacted.
  • CCTV systems for monitoring properties and sites for security and fire protection purposes
  • Industrial paging and broadcasting systems to keep key employees in touch during emergencies

These solutions can be harnessed in any combination to create a comprehensive solution covering the diverse requirements of your site.