Agnice International offer customised turnkey electrical solutions to meet any project requirement. Whether developing for industrial, civil or residential environments, our team can assist with any stage of your project.

  • We offer complete building services covering every aspect of electrical installations for internal, external or infrastructure projects.
  • Installation and management of a comprehensive range of electrical switchgear panels (MV and LV variants), MDBs, SMDBs and DBs according to your specific needs.
  • Lighting solutions for internal and external applications. We can even source and fit explosion-proof systems for high risk environments.
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems to protect any construction.
  • Complete transformer solutions in a range of voltages including 33KV, 22KV, 11KV, 400V ranging from 1.0 and 15MVA. These transformer solutions can also be paired with Neutral Earthing Resistors as required.
  • Electrical motors & equipment ranging from 0.5kW to 500kW according to your specific application requirements.
  • Electrical protection and tracing systems including Cathodic Protection Systems and Electrical Heat Tracing Systems.
  • Glanding and Terminations for any installation.
  • Cable tray management solutions in a variety of standards (GI, SS and FRVE).
  • MCCs and starter panels.
  • Complete Low Current Systems for niche applications.

Additionally Agnice International offer expertise in sourcing and installing Instrumentation and Control solutions for industry-specific applications including:

  • Field and plant instruments customised to meet your specific requirements.
  • Instrumentation and Control Cabling with complete cable terminations to ensure your system is ready for immediate use.
  • Complete industrial control solutions including PLC and SCADA.
  • Instrumentation solutions for use on oil and gas fields and related industries.
  • Valve solutions for any application including Flow Control and Motor Operated variants.
  • Transmitter options to assist with control of Temperature and Pressure.