Hydraulic Calculation

In order to ensure maximum efficiency, a water-based fire protection system must have adequate liquid throughput in order to be able to be piped to where it is needed.

We offer Hydraulic Calculation services to clients looking to implement new fire suppressant systems or who require confirmation that their existing system complies with international fire design standards such as EN 12845, published by the National Fire Protection Association.

Hydraulic Calculation Services

Using site surveys and sophisticated computer data modeling, we carefully analyse the hydraulic flow through your fire protection system using globally recognised constants. During this process, our consultants and engineers will:

  • Model fire scenarios. By calculating various worst-case scenarios our engineers will be able to accurately predict exactly how a fire protection system will behave during a real-time fire.
  • Assess capabilities. The scenarios will then be compared against the physical equipment to ensure it is capable of preventing the spread of a fire.
  • Identify shortcomings. Any bottlenecks, flow issues or design flaws will be flagged for further investigation, repair or replacement as appropriate.
  • Issue a full report showing current system capabilities along with recommendations for improving the existing system.

Using the hydraulic calculations, businesses will have an accurate way to identify potential for property damage in the event of a fire.

The report will also help serve as a basis for future developments or to help identify potential replacements or enhancements for the existing system. These include increasing the number of sprinklers in a particular building or arranging for additional water to be introduced into the system.