System Design

Every site has its own specific requirements when it comes to designing a comprehensive and effective fire protection system which is where we can help.

With 15 years’ experience and over 300 satisfied customers, we have the skills and knowledge required to design the fire protection system which meets your needs perfectly.

Fire protection system design services

Whether you want to replace an existing system, design a system for implementation in a new building project or to retrofit a platform, you can expect the following from Agnice:

  • Fully qualified design professionals. Offering a full design service for comprehensive on-site fire protection.
  • CAD design and drafting. Creates an accurate model for use by engineers, architects and project managers allowing for pre-build and pre-implementation preparation
  • Gas flow calculations allow for extremely accurate design of inert gas and CO2 suppression systems ready for immediate installation.
  • Legal compliance advice. Systems designed by Agnice will be verified as fully compliant with local legal requirements, adding an additional layer of protection for your business.

Our team has experience of designing fire protection systems for some of the most demanding industrial environments including nuclear power plants and offshore oil rigs. We have experience of creating and implementing all major foam, water and inert gas systems, allowing us an unrivalled insight into which technology works best in which situation, thereby ensuring you get exactly the right products for your project.

Our dedication to quality products and services has helped us establish a very satisfied customer base across the Middle East and Asia. We are also ISO9001 certified, underlining our commitment to the highest quality standards in all that we do.